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Google Classroom is an online learning environment where you work with the tutor and other students; this will involve a regular video meeting every week, using the Google Meets app, with supporting learning resources in the virtual Google Classroom.

Use Google Chrome as your browser
Google Classroom and Meet app is available for a smart phone or tablet

What happens?

In the Google Classroom, you can meet your tutor and other learners on your course. This is a classroom facility where you can message and chat by typing, watch videos and presentations and access your assignments and work, take part in quizzes etc.
In the Google Meet, you will be able to take part in live video meetings and have the option to turn your camera and microphone on or off. This is an excellent way to discuss things with your tutor.
We don’t record sessions and this feature is switched off we also request that learners do not record the sessions using external equipment.

How do I get on this?
Once you’ve enrolled for a Google Classroom course, our Learning Services Team will be in touch to provide you with all the information you need to get online, including a log in and password.

How do I log in?
We also run regular Google Classroom help desk sessions for learners to support you, so you’re online ready for your first session. Information will be included within the email you receive from our Learning Services Team with your course details or please find times detailed below when we will have a dedicated member of staff available to help you. Contact us on 01752 660713 or email googleclassroom@oncoursesouthwest.co.uk.

Please visit
https://www.oncoursesouthwest.co.uk/learning/essential-information-for-every-learner for further information on the following;

Introduction to the Online Google Classroom Guidance for Learners
IT Acceptable Use Agreement for Learners
Staying Safe Online for Learners




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